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"Why is Chiropractic care good for me?"

The basis of chiropractic for pain is that the underlying cause of the pain can be traced to vertebrae that are out of alignment. Misaligned vertebrae cause a variety of problems, including impaired joint function, headaches and back pain. By addressing spinal misalignments, chiropractors can restore uninterrupted nerve transmission and return the spine to its natural state. This allows the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic care for pain is safe and effective. It avoids the use of medications and their accompanying side effects. It also avoids invasive surgery and the potential complications it poses.

In addition to spinal adjustments, chiropractic care may also be directed at ligaments and muscles to relieve back pain. Treatment can include trigger point therapy, massage, and joint stretching exercises.

Professional chiropractors are trained in the science of how the spine works and the effects of vertebral misalignments. They believe the body is able to heal itself as long as the roadblocks (i.e., spinal subluxations) to health and comfort are removed.

Emotional Triangle

 ​In my practice, I work to help your body maintain a healthy balance for true health by providing care for all sides of the Health Triangle (to the left): Structural, Biochemical (Nutritional) and Emotional.

Emotions are useful and necessary. Typically, a person can have an emotional trauma, experience the emotion, and release the event. However, if this same person has a neurophysiological deficit, the same emotional trauma can lodge in the body as an N.E.C. This is a reflex pattern very much associated with the conditioned response that Ivan Pavlov documented so well. Restimulated N.E.C.s can cause recurrences of spinal subluxations and their remote complications.

N.E.T. (NET Therapy) is a methodology of findings and removing vertebral subluxations associated with N.E.C.s, which are preventing abnormal emotional responses from returning to their normal physiology.

The N.E.T. (NET Therapy) doctor uses muscle testing, body reflex points, and semantic reactions (physiological reactions to memories or words) to assist and guide you to recall a specific negative emotion and when it first occurred. This engages a specific neuro-emotional pattern, much as a computer operator engages a particular program on a computer screen. While you mentally hold the emotional memory, the doctor adjusts the associated spinal subluxations.